BioDesign Lab

The AUT BioDesign Lab engages biomedical engineering methodologies and expertise in human physiology with industrial and engineering design to deliver new and innovative therapeutic devices and treatments.  The BioDesign Lab design ethos characterises it as the hub around which free sharing of ideas can occur which facilitates interdisciplinary research and innovation.  Development of original therapeutic solutions and new understandings of physiological/neurological systems is achieved through the tight collaboration between biomedical engineers, clinicians, device manufacturers and end-users.

The AUT BioDesign Lab is part of the inter-faculty Design for Health & Wellbeing Network that engages researchers across the Auckland University of Technology.  Within the BioDesign Lab, we place a strong emphasis on validating the interactions between computational and physical models of human biological systems and simulated environmental or therapeutic interactions through experimentation and clinical studies. This methodology is applied across many biomedical applications including:

  • Human airways under pressurised breathing conditions.
  • Functional purpose of the nasal cycle.
  • Breathing therapy devices.
  • Stirling cycle ultra-low-temperature coolers for laboratories and new technologies for improved tissue/organ transport.
  • Advances in orthopaedic surgical tools.

With our current emphasis on the human upper airway, breathing and the nose in particular, we have developed a new air-pressure treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, thought to affect up to 25% of the world’s adult population. This breathing treatment platform also offers the potential for the non-pharmaceutical treatment option for a range of physiological and neurological ailments.

Advisory Panel

The research direction and Inspiration for new technologies is primarily driven by the BioDesign Lab advisory panel, consisting of researchers, clinicians, patients and commercialisation managers.  This group guides the lab in developing advanced and original solutions into desirable new intellectual property, products or therapeutic procedures.

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Tel: 64 (0)9 921 9999 ext. 8352

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School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Auckland University of Technology
Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

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Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies
Auckland University of Technology
Room WD401
34 St Paul Street
New Zealand


RACer Project: Novel sleep apnoea treatment secures commercialisation funding– Consortium of Medical Device Technologies (April 2016). Joint funding from KiwiNet and New Zealand Health Innovation Hub for Dr White’s, RACer project (Rest Activity Cycler) will...

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